Reproductive Medicine

Equine Embryo Transfer & Stallion Management

Montana Equine offers the full range of routine and advanced reproductive medicine for mares and studs alike. From basic ultrasound and artificial insemination to advanced care for problem breeders, we handle all phases of mare care.

We also offer stud collection and evaluation services, as well as preparation of semen for shipment. We collect, package and ship cooled and frozen semen from stallions collected at our facility. We take care to ensure that collections are shipped with the maximum quality control, to increase fertility and minimize risks of disease.

We provide foaling services for late-term mares. Our on-site and highly trained staff will monitor your broodmares around the clock, and are prepared to help manage any type of dystocia (foaling problem) or sick newborn. Our double-sized foaling stalls in our heated ICU barn are equipped with internet cameras, so you can monitor from your own home.

From the very beginning to the very end of pregnancy, and all the phases in between, Montana Equine has the tools, materials, and expertise to help produce the next generation of quality horses. More details are offered below, and our team is always here to answer any other questions you might have (406-285-0123).