Our Clients

The doctors and staff of Montana Equine are blessed to work with some of the finest clients and horse-owners anywhere. We are very proud to share some testimonials from these wonderful friends and clients.


I will be forever grateful that my local vet recommended moving my beloved Thoroughbred mare, Honour, to Montana Equine several weeks before she was due to foal. Honour had had a dream pregnancy but is an older mare and I wanted her to have the best care and supervision possible. Montana Equine exceeded my expectations in every way. The doctors were always available, reassured me every day with updates and allowed me to visit Honour at any time. The vet techs and barn manager went out of their way to give Honour special care and, once her foal arrived, were even more attentive.

I was greeted with smiles and Montana hospitality each day and everyone made me feel welcome and a part of this very special event. I know that whatever the future holds for my filly, she had the best start in life any foal could have anywhere in the US at Montana Equine!

Nancy Palmer

Honour's (mare) owner, Honour Fund

Bella had a beautiful colt last night, and things could not have been any better!  Starlight Mario’s delivery was extremely quick and easy, and they are both doing great today.  I want to thank EVERYONE again for all of your care and expertise in saving Bella and her baby.  Best wishes to all.
Annie Reid

Bella & Starlight Mario's owner

“Uno came to Montana Equine with symptoms of colic on a Sunday in August. We had hoped to resolve it medically, but on Tuesday morning I got the call that every horse owner dreads: Uno had a displaced bowel and surgery was our only option to fix it. I have so much gratitude for care and advice given by the clinic’s staff before and since then. But the moment that comes to mind most readily was that phone call with Dr. Flint. I had a decision to make – to give Uno a chance with an expensive surgery and intensive aftercare, or to say goodbye to my 22-year-old gelding. Uno’s situation was complicated by the fact that he was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. I was on the phone outside of my office, trying to choke back tears and make the right decision. On the other end of the line, Dr. Flint carefully explained the situation, our options, the procedure, and the aftercare. He explained that Uno was in good health and that his Cushing’s was responding well to treatment. He answered all of my questions and gave me space to make my choice. And he did all of this in the manner I’ve come to expect from Montana Equine: quality, evidence-based care and information grounded in compassion for me and my boy. I consulted with my family and we elected to do the surgery. I have no doubt in my mind that it was the right choice. Uno is as bright-eyed and sassy as ever – he’s still on stall rest but his hand walks leave no doubt that he grows weary of the confinement and is ready to kick up his heels. It has been such a blessing to be able to count on Montana Equine to answer my questions and guide me through Uno’s recovery. Moreover, through it all I’ve felt as though Uno and I had the entire staff of Montana Equine rooting for us. I couldn’t ask for better veterinary care than what we’ve found at Montana Equine.”


Uno's Owner

It’s been nearly one year ago we made the decision to take Teillo to Montana Equine Center. He virtually came up lame one day in August of last year to where he couldn’t walk without stumbling or wobble all over. We immediately took him to a local vet where he showed signs of West Nile among other neurological diseases. He was losing all control of his back legs and could hardly stand. He couldn’t eat unless we fed him at eye level as every time he would lower his head he would lose all balance. We just prayed he wouldn’t go down for fear that would be the end. After many blood tests and nothing confirmed, we had no idea what to do or where to go with him. My trainer and good friend Sue Thompson of Western Sky Equine had strongly suggest we take him to see Dr. Heidmann at Montana Equine Center.

After extensive x-rays, we learned that Teillo had a good amount of Osteoarthritis in his spine and also found a fragment of bone in his neck. Dr. Heidmann prescribed Vitamin E for nerve repair as well as Pentosan every 2 weeks (which he is still on).

Today, Teillo is running and keeping up with the other horses! It is doubtful he can ever be ridden again from a safety point of view do to some nerve damage in his hindquarters but he is happy, playful and enjoying life. Without Montana Equine Center, Dr. Heidmann and his staff, I can’t imagine what the other option for Teillo would have been.

Kathy Berntson

Teillo's Owner

“Tears streamed down her cheeks as my daughter Allyson pressed her head against the glass window, and mutely watched as Pete, her 14 year old Quarter horse and best friend of 7 years, underwent emergency colic surgery. Dr. Heidman and his staff were trying to save his life by removing 14 feet of damaged intestine. Daily we made the pilgrimage to visit Montana Equine Hospital as Pete recovered. The care he received, and the compassion we felt from the entire staff was overwhelming. After a week, he was released to come back home where he continued to recover, and within a few short months he was back to his old life; he and his beloved partner Allyson once again competing in all the events they loved. We cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional skills and compassion we received from Montana Equine. The surgery saved the life of our best friend, and we recommend them highly.”

Dr. Kathy Quigley DVM & Allyson

Pete’s Owners

I should have written this 2+ years ago when Al Flint saved our gelding Chico and I haven’t gotten around to it.  Today, while driving to your facility with another colic I decided to just sit down and git r done. Your doctor and staff did an AWESOME job on Chico; we ride him almost every day in the summer and sometimes as often as four times a week in winter.  This year I plan to compete with him in endurance.  If Dr. Flint hadn’t saved his life that September night 2 years ago we would not be enjoying Chico now.  Chico seems to enjoy our rides!  If i have to trailer him somewhere, he’ll load himself without even being caught!  I just open the trailer door, open the gate to the pasture and he will load right up.  

Today when our sweet little filly, Smile, was in trouble and not responding well to medical treatment, we got her to you as soon as we could.  I’m so glad you and Dr. Flint could correct her large colon (and unusual) displacement.  She is precious to us (all our horses are!) and I am grateful to have an equine surgical facility close.You and your staff are so kind and (speaking as another practice owner), it’s obvious that your staff is well trained and compassionate. Thanks again!


Tia Nelson, DVM.

Professional Photo by: Kenton Rowe Photography

Dr. Tia Nelson DVM

Chico & Smiles Owner