Our Story

Montana Equine is a full service equine hospital. Since 1999, our practice has stood for excellence in equine veterinary care. With our talented team and state-of-the-art equipment, Montana Equine Medical & Surgical Center is unique in our region. As we continue to grow, we will never compromise our commitment to excellence in equine veterinary care and client communication.


In conjunction with the long-time owners of Capital Large Animal Veterinary Service, Montana Equine is now taking the lead in providing full-service ambulatory equine care in Helena and surrounding areas.

With the ongoing involvement of the past owners of Capital Large Animal (Dr. Jillian Dougherty, owner 2013 – 2017; and Dr. Eric Liska, owner 1999 – 2009), Montana Equine – Helena will continue to provide the highest-quality veterinary medical care for our clients with convenient “at-home” service. And just like Capital Large Animal since its founding in 1992, Montana Equine – Helena is devoted to the horse and the horsemen and horsewomen who care for them.

Since 1999, Montana Equine’s mission is to serve the region’s horses and equine community with the highest level of progressive equine veterinary care, treating our patients and our clients as our own extended family. And just like you have come to expect from the doctors and staff of Capital Large Animal, we will continue to strive to be at the forefront of quality care with the convenience of on-site diagnosis and treatment.

We are committed to a progressive, systematic approach to diagnose the clinically ill patient, but we also believe strongly in preventative medicine to avoid diseases and find problems early. Routine examination and good husbandry are key to ensure your animals lead a happy and healthy life.

With Dr. Chuck Whitmer and Dr. Casey Cooper now taking the lead on providing the day-to-day care, Montana Equine – Helena now boasts a progressive team equipped with the best tools and techniques to help pin-down a diagnosis. Although we are mobile, don’t let the size of our office fool you; we are equipped to deal with most situations seen in a normal clinic environment.  That means we can unite cutting-edge medicine with tried-and-true practical strategies to give you the best veterinary treatment options for your animals — right there at your home or barn.

And since we share equipment and expertise with the Montana Equine hospital in Three Forks, referral options and medical records are fully-integrated with the care you’ll receive from Montana Equine – Helena. And all of the veterinarians from our main hospital are available to consult on cases in Helena, whether via telephone and email, or via in-person site visits to your home or barn.

We are all very excited about the changes coming to the veterinary care we are bringing to the Helena community. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss further.